2014 May

Advantages to Living Near Okanagan Lake

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Okanagan Lake- Gyro

Did YOU know living by water has MANY advantages?!

  1. Health and Lifestyle Benefits

It has been proven that living by water is correlated with being a happier person and can lower blood pressure and anxiety

  1. High resale value=Less risk=Less stress=Happy life!

It is historically proven that homes located close to water bodies hold their value better and increase in value faster than properties that are landlocked. Not to mention recreational facilities that are close in proximity to properties add value to the price  (an even BIGGER benefit with Green Square being so close to H2O Adventure & Fitness Center)

  1. Fun, Active and Relaxing activities

The activities, games, and events are endless when the beach is involved! Whether you’re relaxing, reading a book,or swimming to get some exercise, there is always something for everyone!

If you haven’t been convinced yet that Green Square is the perfect place for you… Come by our presentation center today for more information and see how you could be living a happy and luxurious lifestyle… footsteps away from Okanagan Lake.

Phase two of Green Square townhomes will be move-in ready this July-just in time for beach season!