2014 August

Room to Breathe

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Green Square has a serious love for Mother Nature. That’s why each townhome is built with ample outdoor living space. With both a front porch & back patio that equal up to 295 square feet, this is not your typical townhome! Though located in the heart of the thriving lower mission, the Green Square community is nestled beside a quiet cul-de-sac, offering peace and serenity without sacrificing amenities.

So kick back, relax, & enjoy the patios- there’s plenty of room to breathe…





9 Reasons to Purchase a Newly Constructed Home

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  1. Not handy around the house? No problem! A new home is low maintenance and requires zero renovation work.
  2. Low stress- No need to haggle with current home owners over the details of purchase & possession.
  3. Put away the rubber gloves- a new home is already sparkling clean!
  4. A new home is a blank canvas. You won’t have to paint over a previous owner’s “questionable” color selections…
  5. Opting for a new home often allows you to customize floor plans, features, and design.
  6. A new home means new appliances with warranties that can save you money & time on repairs.
  7. Many new home developments grant owners access to community facilities that may include a pool, gym, or social room.
  8. A new home is a fresh start- no traces of former tenants. It’s a wide open space for you to create unique and special memories that are all your own.
  9. A new home has greater resale value if you decide to move in the future. Cha-ching!