Five Of The Best Spots To Hike Near Green Square

Kelowna is such a beautiful place isn’t it? As a city hemmed in by mountains on both sides, with a serene freshwater lake splitting it down the middle, Kelowna hits the spot. There’s such a great sense of harmony between nature and urbanization here, which means so many good spots to hike. Hiking is a pervasive past-time for residents, and we at Green Square are excited to present our favourite locations within 15km.

Mission Creek

Where? 2363 Springfield Road

How far away? 7.0km

Description: A relaxing stroll on a well-trod flat path besides a calm, soothing Mission Creek.

Bertram Creek Regional Park

Where? 6310 Spencer Road

How far away? 11.3km

Description: Another easy hike on all three trails at Bertram Creek Park. The park itself has a variety of amenities such as picnic tables, a beach, washrooms, and an amphitheatre playground.

Knox Mountain Park

Where? 450 Knox Mountain Drive

How far away? 10.1km

Description:¬† There’s a few different hiking trails at Knox, but the best is Paul’s Tomb, featuring some gorgeous views of the lake. Parking can be found at quite a few different elevations throughout the park as well.

Eain Lamont Park

Where? Lakeview Cove Rd

How far away? 13.3km

Description: A moderate-difficulty hike up Boucherie mountain with a few different distinct paths that can get you to the top. Provides a great view once there, and Boucherie is technically a volcano, so you can tell your friends you hiked a volcano.

Crawford Falls

Where? Canyon Falls Court

How far away? 6.9km

Description: A moderate-to-difficult hike involving some rock-climbing to actually get to Crawford Falls. But the waterfalls are simply majestic, both Crawford Falls and the first waterfall before that, and the first waterfall isn’t as tricky to get to.

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