Kelowna's Tech Sector Be Canada's Silicon Valley?

We love our community at Green Square and we want to celebrate its successes! One area where Kelowna has had a  lot of success has been the tech industry. When you think “Kelowna”, you likely think about the wines or the lake or the homely feel. One thing you may not think about is the possibility that Kelowna could become the next big technological sensation of Canada. However, that’s not just a possibility, it’s a forecast; at least according to this article we found from Vancouver Magazine. The article cites multiple reasons that Kelowna may already be on the path to becoming Canada’s Silicon Valley:

  1. Kelowna’s technology industry is already worth 1.3 BILLION dollars and growing rapidly. (In fact, Accelerate Okanagan tells us that Kelowna’s tech sector has seen a recent growth of over 30% between 2015-2017.)
  2. The demand for workers in Kelowna tech far outstrips the supply, but this is changing due to the introduction of new technology-focused educational institutions like UBC-O’s media studies degree or the Okanagan Centre for Innovation.
  3. The Financial Post labelled Kelowna the most entrepreneurial city in Canada. (And so did the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses)
okanagan tech graphic
Credit to Accelerate Okanagan

What Does The Growth Of Technology Mean For Kelowna?

It’s clear that Kelowna’s tech sector is booming within the city and has the potential to become a true powerhouse in the tech world. And so, it’s changing the landscape of the city’s demographics, with 52% of Kelowna’s 7,600 tech workers being under the age of 35. As the technology industry continues its meteoric growth, it continues to infuse Kelowna with youth, vibrancy, and capital. We here at Green Square are immensely excited for and proud of our community’s growth-oriented entrepreneurial spirit. Therefore we want to continue to chronicle their achievements as they come forward to propel us into the future.