3 Answers To The Deepest Questions For Green Square

Getting the first shot at a development in Kelowna can be difficult, to say the least. You want to be first into the conversation so that you can avoid the bidding wars, but you also need to find as many answers as you can about a product that hasn’t been built yet.

We are here to help you understand as much as you might need on your way to picking the place you might want to move into next. So get your FAQs in a row because today we are taking a dive into some of your deepest questions.

green square render

Why didn’t we add garages?

Firstly we want to say that there IS parking but, in order to emphasize a dedication to sustainable communities, we’ve opted out of developing a garage. This decision has a two-fold effect. Firstly, garages promote the use of vehicles and secondly, they would increase the overall price of each unit. Secondly, our newer buildings will incorporate a parkade also. Our first priority is always to create an environment where cars are not needed for everyday life. We did this by building in a place that is easily within walking or biking distance to groceries, as well as being located beside not just an elementary school, but a high school and a college.

What community are we trying to create?

We’re trying to create a community of affordable condos/townhomes with a diverse group of residents premised around connection and sustainability. In doing so, we’ve prioritized a central location, in close proximity to a number of highly convenient hotspots around the Mission. We’ve also prioritized proximity to transit and amenities such as bike storage spaces, a community garden, and a fitness centre.

What demographic is Green Square aimed at?

As mentioned earlier, Green Square is aimed at a mix of families, downsizers, and first-time buyers. There’s not a single demographic we’re targeting above all else. We believe that age isn’t as important as the stage of life you happen to be in. The principles of our development don’t appeal to all buyers, but to a specific type of potential home purchaser, there is little else on the market that can compare. That is the person that understands the value intrinsic to such a design.

Do you have questions?

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