5 Benefits to Townhome Living

Buying a home these days is not about ‘keeping up with the Jones’, it’s about finding a place that suits a personal lifestyle with features to match.

Townhomes, while once a fad for busy metropolitan cities, have taken the lead as a premier choice for first-time homebuyers, downsizers, and new families. They are the ultimate balance for those keen to own, but not so thrilled about the responsibility and costs that stem from single-family dwellings or limited space in condo living. Check out the 5 reasons why townhomes are the ideal choice – for all of the firsts.

1. Low maintenance

Life is too short to spend doing things that keep you from living, and that includes maintenance. Having your own outdoor space is great, but not when you have the responsibility of taking care of it. Not to mention, the unexpected breaks inside and out that result in a scramble to find a quick and affordable fix. The benefit of being a part of a shared community means the outdoor work is for someone else’s to-do list, all included in the cost. The only things you have to worry about are planting a few potted plants and setting up your patio for an evening BBQ.

2. Space, but not too much space

Having too many rooms that go unused is a waste of money and time while having too little is not manageable long-term. It is a goldilocks dilemma that proves townhome living is the best of both worlds. Multiple floors, ample indoor and outdoor living occupied and used to the fullest, without the sacrifice of privacy for the entire household.

3. Community

Finding an excuse to welcome people to your home should not be the only time you get a chance to interact with your neighbors. With shared amenities like a pool, park, gym, and common areas where everyone can hang out together, there is a greater chance of meeting like-minded people to connect with and build lasting friendships.

4. Proximity

The best townhomes are often built in an area that offers more than just a little peace and quiet. With convenience and access in mind, location, and proximity to community amenities are guaranteed, making those coffee runs, school drop-offs, and nail salon treats just a quick walk or drive away.

5. Resell with ease

Relative to location and upgrade features, of course, townhomes usually come with a lower price tag than single-family homes and appeal to a broader range of buyer who comes with a few ‘firsts’ of their own. Reselling can be tough, but not when it’s a product that suits a growing lifestyle.  

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