Live smart. Live vert.

Why is living VERT living smart?

Here at Green Square VERT we are entering our final phase, Phase Ten. It’s been such a great ride building up our fantastic community in the Lower Mission and watching it grow, but it is now the beginning of the end in terms of available property inventory. If you want in on this fantastic opportunity, now is the time to strike while the iron is hot. Our motto for Phase Ten is “live smart, live VERT”, because we genuinely believe that living here is living smart. How can that be the case? Well, let’s go through some of the reasons why living VERT is living smart.


One of the most prominent perks of living at Green Square VERT is without a doubt the beaches. With Rotary and Gyro beach being practically right next to it, Green Square is the spot to be if you enjoy fun at the beach. From beach volleyball, to ziplines into the water, to sun-tanning, living near a beach has a little something for everyone.


As an investment, there is no doubt that Green Square is indeed living smart. If you were to want to rent out your home at Green Square, one thing working in your favour is the fact that Green Square is well within walking distance of Okanagan College. Therefore, when Okanagan College students look to rent from places for accommodations, one of the absolute first places they will look is in fact Green Square.


One idea that is extremely important to us is that Green Square be a true community, with all the amenities necessary to facilitate that.  Unto that end, we have constructed a gym as well as numerous “green spaces” for people to live, laugh, and play in, physically distanced, of course. Because even during this time as people are trying to find different ways to do things in the wake of the pandemic, community remains essential to our way of life as social beings.

The Lower Mission

The Lower Mission is one of the prime locations in Kelowna, and there is no better or smarter spot in the Lower Mission than Green Square. It is quite close to both the beach and H2O and is just minutes from downtown. One can easily see how Green Square is ideally placed to take advantage of all the things you know and love about the Lower Mission. 


Families may be the demographic for whom living VERT is smartest. Your family, be it your children/child, your spouse, and/or your pet, is the overriding consideration for your decision for where to live. If you have a pet as a part of your family, Green Square has a home for you, with a dedicated pet wash station for it. If you have or are expecting to have school-age children someday, Green Square has a home for you, with schools ranging from elementary to college practically a couple blocks down the road. If you have a family, living VERT is living smart.