What makes a Green Square home a family home?

When you have a family, everything changes. Your world is flipped upside-down and your priorities orient themselves in ways that are dramatically different from how they currently are. Suddenly what you’re thinking about in relation to homes change; more space, more community, closer to areas of interest for children like play spaces or schools. As a result, you’re looking at homes specifically to fit not just your needs, but the needs of the little person (or little people) you have been placed in charge of. That’s why, here at Green Square, we have built for the purpose of accommodating the family, and here’s how we did it.

In The Heart of The Lower Mission

The Lower Mission is a hub for some of the best that Kelowna has to offer. It contains the fantastic H2O Fitness and Adventure Centre, beautiful Gyro Beach, and the vibrant Pandosy Centre. In H2O you have a very well-stocked gym and a sprawling indoor waterpark with fun for the whole family.  Gyro Beach has volleyball, a playground and a pristine freshwater lake. And Pandosy has excellent shopping and restaurants. All less than five minutes away from Green Square.

Proximity to Education

Something that remains deeply important for families as they put down roots in a home is proximity to education. It’s essential to know that as your children grow up and progress through their education, your home still remains grounded in a space that is able to easily access said education. Which is why Green Square is less than five minutes away from Casorso Elementary, KLO Middle School, Kelowna Secondary School, and Okanagan College. So that no matter what stage of life your family is at, your children have easy access to their schooling.

Communal Spaces

But what about here at Green Square? How are the amenities and spaces within the communities? Green Square’s communal spaces include a gym, a pet wash station, and a community garden, as well as a series of walking trails throughout. Communal spaces are places for play, exercise, and doing life together. If you and your children know your neighbours, it creates a comfortable and secure sense of community for you and your family.


Lastly but certainly not least, we come to the interiors of the homes at Green Square. These homes are given a contemporary aesthetic with functional, minimalist spaces that create a sense of togetherness whilst also giving everyone their space. Everything is open and one space flows neatly into another with the exception of the bedrooms, which are closed off and private.

  • Proximity to Places (Beach, H2O, etc.)
  • Proximity to Education (KLO, College, KSS)
  • Amenities (Pet-friendly, communal spaces)
  • Interiors (Modern, sleek)