Staying Active at Green Square Vert: Kelowna

This series, “Staying Active at Green Square Vert”, is all about highlighting Green Square Vert’s countless opportunities for staying active in the area. In terms of outdoor exercise, few cities can equal Kelowna’s extraordinary range of activities across seasons. The city’s weather fluctuations, although moderate compared to the prairies, are still large enough to allow for ample seasonal activities. This, in combination with the lake and city infrastructure, creates a perfect storm of variation in Kelowna’s outdoor activities. Today we thought we’d go over some of the popular activities Kelowna residents enjoy.


Kelowna’s topography lends itself extremely well to hiking. It’s situated in a valley that creates a bowl-esque topographical structure around it, with mountains surrounding the city and providing excellent places for hiking up their surfaces. One such place is Apex Trail hiking up Knox Mountain, which is a nice, moderate hike with a view well worth the trip. This of course is only one of the hundreds of trails located in and around Kelowna.


As mentioned above, Kelowna is surrounded by beautiful mountains, and therefore it would make sense that one such mountain nearby would have a strong prospect for skiing and snowboarding. Big White Ski Resort, a local favourite, is one of three ski resorts located within a 100km radius of Kelowna. So while it may be too cold to go hiking up a mountain, shredding up the snow on a pair of sticks careening down it and then heading inside for a cup of hot chocolate is just what the doc ordered.


Now that the snow has melted and the Ski Resorts closed for the season, what else can one do to get some fresh air? Perhaps something a little more relaxed and social? Kelowna has an extensive list of pristine golf courses around. One of the many such golf courses in Kelowna is Michaelbrook Golf Course, roughly 5 minutes away from Green Square Vert; a nice, well-maintained 9-hole course enjoyed by beginners and veterans alike.

Okanagan Lake

The Okanagan Lake is an absolute beauty and one of the best things about British Columbia. Kneeboarding, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, whatever kind of boarding you like to do, the Okanagan is the spot to do it. One can also rent a kayak off the beach less than five minutes away from Green Square Vert and go kayaking on the lake too. Easy and simple access to the lake is Kelowna’s ace in the hole; it is their closing argument, and it is ours too.