Q2 Construction Update

Welcome to a new month, season, and quarter! We’re thrilled to share this quarterly update, filling you in on all the progress our dedicated crews have made on Phase 10 construction – spoiler alert, it’s been a lot!

Phase 10 construction is now approximately 40% complete!

Our construction team has been challenged with the ever-growing supply chain issues and less than ideal weather with lingering snow and a wet start to Spring. However, construction has not slowed down with CorWest adapting and remaining resilient through these challenges.

Thanks to an amazing effort from our framing contractor, Building B framing was completed in March. This allowed our crews to move onto rough-ins including mechanical and electrical. Rough-in work on Building B is anticipated to be completed shortly. Framing crews have shifted their focus to Building C and are currently working on level 4 framing. 

Crews will continue to work on the framing body of work on Building C which is estimated to complete by the end of April. Building B will begin to see a transformation inside with the installation of gypcrete, fire-stopping, and insulation. 

There is enough lumber and sheathing in these two buildings to build approximately 18 average single-family homes!

Stay tuned for our next construction update in Q3.