Why Green Square Vert is a Future-Oriented Investment

Investment is a forward-facing activity by nature; as an investor, you always need to be thinking ahead to not just assessing the present well, but also projecting the future well.

This is especially the case in real estate, where returns and expenses often accrue steadily over time, and where transactions take place over the span of months rather than hours or days. The real estate market needs to be thought of in increments of 5, 10, even 20 years to maximize returns. Which makes it more important than ever that your choice of investment be in a community that is oriented towards the future of contemporary living, as Green Square Vert is.

Why and how is Green Square Vert future-oriented? One example of how is meeting the needs of consumers five to ten years into the future is our partnership with Modo car sharing. One of the great innovations of the past decade is the advent of communal ridesharing and Uber. More and more people are deciding to forgo or reduce reliance on car ownership in favour of alternatives such as ridesharing or public transit. Speaking of public transit, the CMHC commissioned a survey in which they asked respondents what were must-haves in a home, and proximity to public transit was third at 67% “must-haves” behind only “number of rooms” (73%) and “affordability” (80%). This, if anything, may go up in the future, which is why Green Square Vert is located right next to a major bus route on top of our Modo partnership. If the future is about lessening our dependence on cars, Green Square Vert is on the cutting edge of that future.

When you consider the future of the residential market and people’s needs, another major desire that’s likely to define the next decade is community. People are searching for some sense of communal living in a world starved of meaningful social or communal outlets. We see this in the advent of co-housing developments, where multiple houses are clustered together in a tight-knit group. Which is why Green Square Vert has invested in communal elements such as community gardens, a park, a fitness facility, and walking trails. Open space communal living is the way forward, and it’s a major part of Green Square Vert’s vision for how our development was designed.

Overall, what the market is signaling is that the qualities worth investing in are modern, contemporary homes with a modern, contemporary outlook. Homes with accessible alternatives to car partnership such as car-sharing and public transit. Homes with compelling communal spaces where people can meet and do life together alongside their neighbours. Homes like Green Square Vert’s are the homes of ten years from now, because they address needs that are already budding forward today.